Global Sourcing

Chemtex uses a global approach to procure equipment, bulk materials, fabrication services, and spare parts.  Our experiences range from procuring major equipment within Western Europe to Asia (including, but not limited to India, China Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand) as well as the US. Through our purchasing centers in the US, Italy, India, and China, we are able to provide the most cost effective solution for our customers while maintaining equipment quality and integrity.  Our offices are interconnected through our Material Management System (MMS), for real time information on various purchasing activity.  Our services include expediting, traffic, import/export contract management and inspection services. 


All expediting activities are carried out by Chemtex personnel internally and controlled by Chemtex Procurement in coordination with Project Management.  Chemtex assigns QC inspectors to perform inspection and expediting activities on certain major equipment.
All expediting information is maintained in our Material Management System (MMS) and is available to all project personnel and management personnel.   

Chemtex has inspection resources in India and China who conduct inspection and expediting visits in accordance with the inspection plan developed for a given project.   Chemtex can also utilize outside inspection agencies as deemed necessary by project and/or client requirements.

All Logistics activities are carried out internally.  Chemtex Logistics has developed relationships with several Forwarding Agents globally.  Our Logistics group has extensive experience in shipping various sizes and quantities of equipment on a world-wide basis.  Chemtex Logistics also can prepare and obtain the necessary documentation for shipping equipment such as Packing Lists (through our MMS), Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin, etc.  Chemtex is experienced with a wide range of shipping/delivery arrangements from FOB, CIF, to DDP final plantsite.