Chemtex provides customized project solutions to the Polyester industry globally. Our 40 years of experience in delivering value added manufacturing plants includes over 140 Polyester plants with a total installed capacity of 20 million tons.

Major global companies use Chemtex for their Polyester investments. Several of our clients have used this technology for multiple lines and some have as many as 12 Polymer lines provided by Chemtex, this being a clear evidence of our ability to provide value to our customers.

Our offering is based on INVISTA’s proprietary technology for Polyester Continuous Polymerization (CP) plants. The technology provides highly attractive CAPEX and OPEX for textile grade as well as bottle grade (PET) plants. A wide range of polymer types can be produced based on this technology including:

·         Semidull, bright, full dull, cationic dyeable, optically brightened, low pill, etc. for textile grade

·         Homopolymer, Co-polymer, Hot fill, large containers, packaging sheet, etc. for PET grade

This unique technology offers large size CP plants with capacities ranging from 100 tons per day to 2,000 tons per day (based on single CP line). This results in:

·         Highly attractive CAPEX / OPEX

·         Flexibility to quickly transition from one product to other

·         Small plant footprint

·         Minimal maintenance

·         Ease of operation

·         Short installation and commissioning time

Our Polyester technology portfolio also includes:

·         New generation (NGSS) staple fiber spinning lines – up to 200 tons per day per line

·         Solid state polymerization for industrial yarn

·         PET waste recycle systems for direct injection into oligomer stream

·         Debottleneck of existing plants

·         Technology improvements for existing plants

Our polyester offering typically includes following services with Chemtex acting as a single source:

·         Know how

·         Complete basic and detail design for the plant

·         Key equipment and option to provide all equipment

·         Technical assistance for erection and plant start up